Is this very young model the new girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio? Among indiscretions and clues on social media, here is who Maria Beregova is

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone broke up after four years only a few days ago, but it seems that the actor has already moved on thanks to Maria Beregova , a very young Ukrainian model, who the tabloids say is his new flame. 

Who is it about?

The 22-year-old model and Leonardo DiCaprio were paparazzi together for the first time in July in St. Tropez, southern France, where they left a party and boarded his luxury yacht. 

At the moment there are no official confirmations : the relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Maria Beregova has neither been confirmed nor denied by the directly concerned. But it’s impossible to deny that the young model is the kind of woman DiCaprio likes. 

So let’s find out who Maria Beregova is. 

Who Maria Beregova is and what she does in her life

Maria is a 22-year-old model of Ukrainian origin , who grew up living in different countries.

She eventually settled in Switzerland when her family, owners of a pharmaceutical company, sent her to a private boarding school .

He currently lives in London , where he is studying to take over the family pharmaceutical company.

The young model has over 70,000 followers on Instagram , where she shares her life as a jet setter that takes her around the world : from Monaco to Dubai, from the Maldives to the French Alps.

Maria already has a divorce behind her

Despite being only 22, Maria already has a divorce behind her.

A few years ago, in fact, she was married to Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid , a 30-year-old Libyan businessman known for his properties in Munich. According to rumors, Ahmed is said to be the nephew of an interior minister and loyalist servant of the despot colonel Gaddafi .

The two would have split in late June , just before Maria was photographed with Leonardo DiCaprio.

She is passionate about yoga and sports 

According to what she herself told on her Instagram profile, Maria does yoga and meditates every morning.

In the caption of an old photo he had in fact written: «Recharge and meditate every day. Our mental health is important and needs as much attention and work as our body. Always take some time in the morning to collect and free your thoughts from the rest of the world. Finding peace of mind is really the best feeling ».

The model also posted several photos in which she is skiing. 

The clues of the possible acquaintance with Leonardo DiCaprio 

After the photos aboard private jets and luxury yachts, Maria posted a shot on Instagram in which she spends a few words on the  defense of the oceans ; A theme that is very close to DiCaprio’s heart but that seems completely out of place on a social profile like hers. 

But there is also another clue that could confirm the relationship between the model and the actor .

A follower commented on one of her photos saying “You only have two years left before you get too old,” obviously referring to the fact that all of DiCaprio’s exes are under 25. 

To this comment, Maria Beregova replied: “Technically, I have three left . “