Gigi Buffon talks about himself. The former Juventus goalkeeper spoke in a long interview with La Stampa : «The secret is to feel pride inside, the desire to be special. I never wanted to feel ordinary, monotony bores me and I am an enemy of clichés: I believe that others put limits on you and you end up following them. I go further with enthusiasm, obviously comforted by the feedback from the field ».

UP TO 46 YEARS – “Parma has shown me confidence: at my age, usually, every day is an exam”.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS– «If Italy had qualified, I don’t think I would have been called up. Meritocracy is on my side, but there are other issues to be given precedence and respect: considering the choices of recent years, that’s right. Already in 2010 in South Africa, after the elimination with Slovakia, I observed that globalization was changing values ​​and hierarchies and that we should also start celebrating the qualifications. Since then we have had illusions, moments of glory like the European Championship, but I was not wrong: by nature we are unique, so in difficulties we know how to block and go over the top, but when there is calm we lack quality and bravado. Hypermotivated we give our best, otherwise we can lose to anyone ».

SCUDETTO– «We are witnessing a sui generis championship, usually one team dominates and others annoy it: the one that seemed to dominate was Inter, but then it had several empty passes, it relaunched by winning in Turin and
now I see it as the favorite again. Juve? If he had won, he would also be fighting, but this is the championship of regrets. Even Atalanta, with the pace of previous years, could have aspired to the title ».

RESULTS – “I was a convinced resultant, today I don’t have an answer: it depends on the human material, the responsibilities and the objectives, on what the club asks of the coach”.

ALLEGRI – «The field says that the group is improving».

FORWARDS– «Vlahovic is dominant in terms of physique, quality, strength, anger. I like Zapata and Lautaro. And Ibrahimovic who at 40 can still win alone ».

DYBALA – «I didn’t expect it, but the company was honest, direct, explaining that it is no longer functional to the project. They have not renewed his contract for this, certainly not because they consider him poor: Paulo will find the opportunity to do great things elsewhere, but he will not mean that Juve made a mistake ».