Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri

Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri
Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri
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By Meher Castelino

At the Gen Next Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 show when talented duo Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri launched ‘The Pot Plant’ label with their collection called ‘Beyond The Binary’, the audience was alerted and realised that this pair will make waves on the fashion scene. It was a gender fluid line with anti fit as the basis.

The pair’s designing expertise was once again challenged when they teamed with Bandhej expert Sohel Khatri and gave the traditional Bandhani a 21st century image.

The birth of their label “The Pot Plant” is as quaint a story as the name of their brand. Sanya’s mother, an expert designer, was the perfect inspiration for her, while Resham from a small town grew up with custom tailoring as a way of life. Her father brought exquisite textiles to be stitched into clothes for the family.

The two seeped in fashion from the very start, met on the first day at Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi and became best friends instantly since their design sensibilities were in perfect sync. When the pair graduated in 2013, it was but natural “The Pot Plant” would be their joint venture.

Cotton and Khadi are their go-to fabrics. Their clothes are not busy but very Agender, Gender Fluid and neutral. Their experiments are intriguing and very interesting as they bring the beauty of Indian crafts with innovative silhouettes. This season it was the city of Bhuj that excited them so there was geometric clamp dyeing, Bandhani, weaves and subtle hand work.

Resham and Sanya are very sustainable fashion conscious so they work with zero waste, up cycle all their scrap, try to reduce the carbon footprint and aim to bring eco-fashion into daily life. Their cuts and constructions are clever and they enjoy pushing their creativity over uncharted boundaries. Their clothes are created to last a lifetime but they do not recognise any gender labels for their garments.

Funnily enough, the pair doesn’t have a target audience, they cater to, since they are still trying to figure out the ideal customer. But they have learnt that their clothes seem to appeal to a very varied range of age groups, professions, genders and style statements, whose common love seems to revolve around natural fabrics and comfort clothing. Stores like Creo in Mumbai had a major promotion for their latest collection called “100% Human”.

Their four collections a year are retailed through brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online sites and their own e-commerce website. In Mumbai, they retail from Ogaan, Creo, Aza and Ensemble with a price range of Rs 4,000 – Rs 16,500. Business timings are 12 noon to 7 pm six days a week and their terms of business are only outright buying.

The Pot Plant


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