Ssoul from Mansi Dhiren Jhaveri & Shweta Kunal Parekh

Ssoul from Mansi Dhiren Jhaveri and Shweta Kunal Parekh
Ssoul from Mansi Dhiren Jhaveri and Shweta Kunal Parekh
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By Meher Castelino

Ssoul Jewelry is for everyone from 25 to 65 years and ever so pocket-friendly in these days of inflation that women (also their husbands and fathers) will be delighted with not only the creativity and beauty of the ornaments but the price tags.

The brand, which is the brainchild of cousins and soul sisters, Mansi Dhiren Jhaveri and Shweta Kunal Parekh started in 2011 and is inspired by modern architecture, geometry, sculptures, city, flowers, heritage, as well as unconventional items that are turned into wearable art.

Shweta, a trained diamond jewellery designer, and Mansi, a commerce graduate with visual arts as a background, felt that an innovative twist was needed to present jewellery in a new light. Their ‘Birds of Paradise’ line was homage to flora and fauna while ‘The Vintage Baroque’ range had semi- precious stones. The ‘Warp and Weft’ collection was a symphony of wires creatively twisted into jewellery; while their ‘Spice up the Festival’ range inspired by cardamoms, cloves and star anises replicates the shapes of the spices.

The base metal is high quality brass plated with 22K gold and encrusted with natural gemstones, which are specially cut for the pieces. Prices range from Rs 350 to Rs 25,000 for the different collections, while for the Spice Line the tag is Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000.

From sketch to the final stage it takes six weeks for the item to be ready, while brass is their prime medium, Mansi and Shweta do make real gold jewellery by orders only for select customers.

Ssoul Jewelry creates about 24 collections a year with each having 6-10 styles of earrings, 5-8 options in necklaces and 3-4 looks for rings and bracelets. Each style is further offered in four different colours.

Their Mumbai outlets are their Studio at Opera House and Creo Fashion Store; while in the rest of India it’s Zingbi – Chennai, Saanch – Indore, COMO – Goa and Avakasa – Ahmedabad. Pop ups and exhibitions are a regular marketing and sales avenue for the duo in Bangalore for Chrysalis, Lavanya and Shivoguee in Indore along with Midnight Prink in Kolkata.

With pure gold getting quite unattainable for career women, Ssoul Jewelry is a hot favourite with ladies as well as brides and their entourage who opt for designations weddings where carrying Ssoul Jewelry is a far more safer and pocket-friendly option.

Soon the brand will be available on the E-Portal Get Natty, when it launches its latest collection in December 2018 ‘Let’s Celebrate Mumbai’ inspired by the landmarks of the city.

Ssoul Jewelry

Address: 906/A Panchratna, 9th Floor, Mama Parmanand Road, Opera House, Mumbai 400009


Instagram/Facebook: ssouljewelry


Telephone: 9892163335

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