Strike A Pose, but do these Bollywood Beauties do it well?

This one is dedicated to Bollywood beauties that love to dress in western as well as Indian high fashion labels and strike a pose for the paparazzi for whom it seems they are dressing up everyday. But ladies, the dress may be high fashion but does your pose match the couture creation’s beauty? “Strike a pose,” said Madonna in her video “Vogue” but do Bollywood stars know how to do that effectively?

How you stand and pose makes all the difference to the ensemble and no matter how haute the brand is or how hefty the price tag, if you insist on crossing your legs as if it’s an emergency, then please do so in front of your mirror and see what it does to your knees, ankles and thighs. If your stylist said it would make your hips look slimmer, sack the person immediately.

Tut tut Tabu, you are a great actress but sartorially you have a lot to learn when it comes to posing.

Another stance is the one Angelina Jolie perfected at the Oscar Awards 2012. Please remember none of the Bollywood stars can match Jolie’s attitude or figure and sticking out one of your stems through a hip-high gown slit will not garner eyeballs. Shilpa Shetty has a sensational figure, but please don’t be a copy of the original. Let subtlety be the buzzword, which is far more striking than an “in-your-face” seduction attempt.

Another pose that does nothing for the ladies is “one leg with a knee bent” at the side. This “one leg straight, other bent” is mainly for a flamingo and not a human being. Alia Bhatt perfected it but the kid can carry it off, as she is too young to know!

Now creating an illusion of an 18-inch waistline by clasping the waist on either side is not going to fool people. If the measure tape says 30 inches, no amount of bringing the palms together at the waist in the front, will alter the pleasantly plump look. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, ex-model and Miss World 1994 has a limited repertoire when it comes to posing.

Then it’s the “I am a little teapot pose” that needs to go pronto.  Arms bent and resting on the waist show lack of originality when posing.

Here are some helpful suggestions for ladies who constantly want to be featured on social media.

  • Do invest in a full-length mirror and ask, “Who is the fairest” every day. The answer may not be flattering so take note and try to improve.
  • Do read fashion magazines, watch fashion shows and study how models pose.
  • Do not immediately instruct your stylist to get the hot looking dress worn by the statuesque ramp model, if your figure does not match hers. You will end up making a fool of yourself on the Red Carpet and in print.
  • Do not wear haute couture western designer minis, if they are not your size. Nothing is more hilarious than a mini on the New York ramp that turns into a midi or maxi on a Bollywood star.
  • Finally dress to suit your figure, personality and age and you will make an impact.


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