Foo restaurant
(3 / 5)

By Tara Bose Kapur

Went for dinner to this buzzing new restaurant and bar. Despite being full they had held our reservation and we were seated in a beautifully done up, expansive space. It’s come up near Hamleys (High Street Phoenix) where CPK was.

From the Brothers Tham, the restaurateurs behind Koko and The Good Wife Café among others.

Modern Asian-themed interiors with a faux pink cherry blossom tree (like Hello Guppy).

We decided to avoid dimsum and sushi and go straight for the small plates:

  • Crispy aromatic soft shelled crab
  • Duck pancakes (good but not on par with Royal China)
  • Pink pepper prawns
  • Sichuan lamb

Followed this with:

  • Foo Butter Japanese fried blue rice (Blue! Good for Instagram but not much else)
  • Black pepper tenderloin

Given that the lamb preparation was so similar to the crab, we should have been informed so we could order accordingly.

Food looked great and tasted good but not amazing!

The service was good.

Foo will have to compete with Poh and Plum by Bent Chair, in nearby Kamala Mills. All-Asian, good value and good food. Only time will tell if the mall location and high footfall in High Street Phoenix scores over the entertainment hub at Kamala Mills. My grouse with Phoenix Mills is the time it takes to enter and hand over the car to the valet for parking versus the hassle-free valet parking at Kamala Mills.

Access not easy as it’s on the 1st floor, best avoided by those with mobility challenges

Xyngr reviews anonymously and the restaurant isn’t aware that we visited for this review. We pay for our meals.

About Foo
India’s first Asian Tapas, FOO, located right next to Hamleys, FOO offers an extensive menu of Cantonese and Japanese.

Check what the expert says.

Posted on Sep 12, 2018

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM
(All Days Open)

Location: Foo, 1st Floor, Festival Square, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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