Izumi Ramen & Sushi

Izumi Ramen Sushi
Izumi Ramen Sushi
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Izumi, an authentic Ramen and Sushi Restaurant

This new Japanese dine-in eatery, tucked into a leafy corner just off Pali Hill and Carter Road, has just opened and offers awesome Japanese food. We went to try out the ramen but we couldn’t miss ordering the sushi.

Here’s what we ate:

  • Tuna Zuke
  • Hamachi Truffle Ponzu with Wasabi Jelly (the jelly was refreshing and unique)
  • Seared Sashimi
  • Vegetarian Futomaki
  • Seafood Futomaki
  • Harusame Salad
  • Sashimi Salad
  • Ramen – (we had the Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen, outstanding, a filling large bowl. We customised our ramen bowls – the husband had his low carb – with veggies in place of noodles. The seaweed topping just complimented the taste.)
  • Green Tea Malabi
  • Black sesame ice cream

My son drank a chia pink berry lemon soda which he enjoyed. The food arrived quickly, in courses and was delicious. The salads are crisp and light! Ensure you keep some space for the very unique desserts like we did (The Green Tea Malabi looked fantastic and tasted good too).

Izumi is helmed by Japanese cuisine expert, Nooresha Kably, the owner of Sushi Koi, which pioneered sushi in Mumbai. Her love for Japanese food, and her taste for “real” food eaten by locals, led her to visit Japan often where she learnt the art of Ramen from the experts. Her passion for good food, expertise and knowledge are reflected in the food!

Comparing the three Japanese dine-in restaurants in the neighbourhood:

Kofuku – large with full bar. Good for large groups and when you want to have drinks with your meal. Good food and service.

The Blue – tiny – some tables in AC section and some outside, No elbow room. Great Asian food not just Japanese. Good food and service, owner presence seen though she never spoke to us. No alcohol and only Thai juices. No frills – it/s just about good food! Not a place to linger over your meal.

Izumi with its 15 covers is small. Well done-up. Personalised service and welcoming hospitable ambience with owner presence. This is tipped to become your neighbourhood Sushi and Ramen place where you can go casually dressed and eat some great food. And keep returning.

One step access, no alcohol and no reservations.

Xyngr reviews anonymously and the restaurant isn’t aware that we visited for this review. We pay for our meals.

About Izumi Ramen & Sushi
A sibling of Bandra’s Sushi Koi, Izumi opened shop recently in Bandra’s Perry Cross Road. Serving Sushi and Ramen, the 15-seater is as authentic as it can get. No reservations, so try your luck on the busier evenings

Posted on Aug 14, 2018

07:00 PM to 10:30 PM, Thursdays closed

Location: Izumi Ramen and Sushi, Shop No.4, Sunbeam Apartments, Perry Cross Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India

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