Pepperoni rules at this Bandra bistro

The Peppermill is a must-visit in Bandra.

It offers a large bar, good food including bar snacks, soups, pizza, sandwiches and music. Went because I was nearby and accompanied by a very hungry friend.

We were pleasantly surprised. We ordered from a fairly expansive (but photocopied) menu:

Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza (yum yum!) served on a lovely wooden platter and cut into long slices not the usual quarter and one eighth slices

Poppyseed Chicken Tikka (interesting flavours that make it delicious)

I did order a prawn item,  though tasty, its texture was hard and rubbery. I did not complain but left it and asked for it to be cleared along with the tikka platter. The wait staff asked me why… then they offered several fish items. Saying they were very popular. It was not charged in the bill and I was impressed by the way the staff handled it.

Decor was interesting, exposed brick walls, traditional looking but LED lightbulbs and a mix of high bar stool chairs and tables with the regular dining chairs and tables.

The Peppermill has a large bar, lots of interesting drinks, sangrias,  happy hours from 11 am to 12 midnight, Zomato Gold 2+2 on drinks. Having said that, we visited on a Dry Day and there was a fairly decent-sized crowd eating. A testimonial to the good food!

I’m returning for sure…to try some drinks and eat the pepperoni pizza!

The Peppermill,
Hill Road, ‭Near Marks & Spencer’s
First Floor, Bandra, Mumbai
Telephone: 022-61344837‬
Rating: 4 Stars

By Tara Bose Kapur

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