Très Bien, Trèsind

This storied restaurant from Dubai proffering Modern Indian cuisine has recently launched in Mumbai. Went wondering if it was worth the hype and left completely bowled over by the interactive theatre around a fabulous nine-course tasting menu.

After being seated, we learnt that for now, only the tasting menu is available for dinner. We ordered our drinks and the “show” began.

A large silver receptacle on the table was filled with lavender water and it emitted smoke… that’s when I started taking photographs and couldn’t stop till we finished. Very Instagrammable!

The cocktails we had were Touch of Phoenix, Bourbon-based and Dear Dear, Scotch-based. Both great, but the former is served in such a unique manner… you have to try it!

Pumpkin Dabeli – homemade bao filled with sweet & sour pumpkin mash
Mini Panipuri – stuffed with coriander & tamarind sorbet, topped with tamarind jelly
Dahi Kebab – served cold, yoghurt mousse is sandwiched between two potato papdi crackers  with muhammra chutney and ginger pickle

Prawn Rasam – A fresh take on traditional Rasam, flavoured with watermelon, served with prawns ghee roast finished with mustard cress, orange and grapefruit segments (outstanding)

Chicken Cafreal – Chicken cooked with Goan Cafreal Masala, served on tempura fried shisho leaf

Lamb Khari – Pastry filled with shredded lamb, served with Nihari curry (outstanding)

Gujarati Farsan – A new take on Gujarati tea-time snacks, khandvi with khandvi flavoured ice-cream, with fafda, papaya chutney and green chilli pickle! Very different!

Family Picnic – Served in a 3-tiered tiffin – Bengali style Mutton Curry with a green pea stuffed Luchi called Kochuri, pickle, onion and jeera aloo

Khichdi – Khichdi was brought to table with a chef who presented 20 garnishes – speciality ingredients from different parts of India, atop a marble cut-out map of India. Think saffron from Kashmir, mustard paste (Kasundi) from Bengal, gongura leaves from Andhra; all this was prepared table-side. The final preparation was tasteful too!

Sadya – Pre-dessert is condensed milk, with Carpaccio of Pineapple stuffed with coconut pudding, glazed with mango and served with poppadum on a banana leaf

Mithai & Confectionary – The meal ends with a dessert comprising condensed milk foam of Kaju Katli (reminiscent of Delhi’s Daulat Ki Chaat), embellished with pistachio and rose. Add a few gratings of the “spice” stone adorning the table along with “real” stones.

Did I mention one is encouraged to ask for seconds, so I had the Prawn Rasam and the husband had the Lamb Khari. After the Khichdi (pure greed!!)

There is also an equally elaborate vegetarian tasting menu.

This menu by Chef Himanshu Saini is a real treat for all the senses. Global in style with familiar Indian flavours, re-imagined and served with panache. A total winner. A new tasting menu comes up in February.

Chef Saini started his culinary career at Indian Accent, Delhi under Chef Manish Mehrotra. He then went on to work at Masala Library and Farzi Café before taking off for foreign shores. He is now executive chef at Passion FnB which owns Tresind Dubai, Kuwait and now Mumbai. All this and more is reflected at Tresind.

In sum: Tresind offers a fusion of fine dining + Indian cuisine + molecular gastronomy. Great presentation, photo-worthy food and yummy cocktails.


Tresind Dubai, Ground Floor, Inspire BKC, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400051, Access by climbing 3 steps

Reservations on +91 8928000057 /+91 8928000058

₹2000 per head exclusive taxes for the Chef’s tasting menu

Open all days of the week for lunch and dinner.

Rating: 5 Stars

By Tara Bose Kapur

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