Uno Mas: No great shakes

(3 / 5)

By Tara Bose Kapur

We were very keen to experience Mumbai’s new Tapas bar and kitchen. So off we went after making reservations for 8pm, we’re told we’d have to leave by 10pm which has become the norm in many restaurants.

Uno Mas is located in a developing part of BKC… Inspire BKC which is very posh and huge. Lots more restuarants expected to open there, but right now Uno Mas is the only one open.

We walked into a well-done-up space which was smaller than what I’d assumed it to be based on the photographs I’d seen. Large D-shaped bar in the centre. One up level seating on the left and slightly elevated seating on the right.

We proceeded to order our drinks and appetisers. The server told us we would need about three tapas plates per head.

Here’s what we had:

  • Gambas Al Ajillo – garlic shrimp – delicious – we ordered another later – it comes with two thin pieces of bread to soak up the juices
  • Clams tossed with garlic, chillies and lemon – average
  • Calamares Rellenos – shrimp stuffed baby squid – average
  • Albondigas – buff meatballs – average
  • Patatas Machaconas Con Cerdo – potatoes with pork belly – below average
  • Paella – seafood one – good
  • Tarta Naranja – orange tart – delicious

We drank cocktails:

  • Aztec – malt whiskey-based
  • Sevilla – Drambuie, oolong, orange juice and sparking wine – very good
  • Kalingad – white wine, watermelon juice and sherry
  • Plane to Sitges -whiskey, aperol and sherry

Good and prompt service

Why was I not blown away? I think it was that the food wasn’t exceptional in taste, portions were small as informed at the start. Even the bread with the prawns was very thin and small-sized!

It’s early days yet so they can still fine-tune and improve the food! At these portions and prices, Uno Mas needs to be exceptional for customers to return.

Uno Mas
Rating: 3 Stars

Tel: 022 26521155
Presently open from 6:30 pm to 1:30 am. Children below 12 not allowed, though when lunch service starts, they will
Closed on Mondays
Inspire BKC Unit 2
MGL Gas Pump Service Lane
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

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