Thursday, October 1, 2020
The Fakir of Venice

Too stolid to be funny

The film is supposedly based on a true story, but seems to thrive on the stereotypes of gullible whites in search of spiritual short cuts, and Indian jugaad cons like Adi who take advantage of their ignorance.







2.0 movie RajiniKanth Akshay Kumar

CGI Gobbledygook

It has been seen in recent months that a spectacle is not enough to satisfy the audience. While a star like Rajinikanth with his...
Women of Rythmvideo

Pathbreaking Percussionists

In its third edition, the ‘Women Of Rhythm' concert featured 12 stunning talents from age 16 to 60 saw a reasonably packed St Andrew’s...
John DiMartino jazz

Blast from the Jazz Past

There's something special, enchanting and nostalgic about old-school jazz. Tunes from the Great American Songbook, the masterly compositions of Billy Strayhorn, George Gershwin and...