Jonathan David Bass

Jonathan David Bass

By Manju Sampat

Jonathan David Bass from New York, who is being billed as being the “World’s Number One Illusionist and Mind-reader’, performed in Bandra over the weekend and he has another show on October 6 at the Royal Opera House and one on October 5 at the NSCI Club. He has been brought here by Vishaal Asrani’s Institute Of Performing Arts and his shows are being produced by Jiji Subi and Asrani. They first met Jonathan in Prague and they were completely blown away by his show, which is why they decided to bring his unique and thoroughly entertaining show to India.

Against a dramatic backdrop of floor length red velvet curtains, Jonathan performed the most amazing mind-reading acts, including hypnotism, levitation, and even death-defying stunts, live on stage. Those who were privileged to see this amazing show could not get enough of his magical and unbelievable acts and clamoured for more! He had the audience eating out of his hands as he successfully guessed numbers volunteers were thinking of, transformed a can of Sprite into a cup of steaming hot coffee, and even managed to correctly guess the serial number of a Rs 500 note that an audience member took onto the stage but did not show Jonathan. Most logic defying of all, was how the same note found its way into a whole lemon!

Using the principle of “thought transference”, he got a couple to randomly each choose a word from a book, and then got them to guess what the word was. In this way people uninitiated in the art of magic were able to mind read and guess the correct word. Since the word was ‘smoke’, Jonathan made it more dramatic by blowing smoke from his mouth! At another time he correctly guessed what playing cards random volunteers held in their hand. He also managed to hypnotise a participant enough to get her to forget her name, and the same person was also made to levitate! A really unbelievable sight when the two tables from under her prone body were removed and she continued to lie unsupported in the air! U

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