Manto ki Roomaniyat

Manto ki Roomaniyat play by Mudit Singhal

A set of three light-hearted one-act plays by Saadat Hasan Manto, Matno ki Roomaniyat is directed by Mudit Singhal with a cast comprising Anamika Naidu, Devina Medda, Rutuja Awaghad, Saafi Kaur, Divakar Prajapati, Gautam Kumar, Prabhakar Sinha, Shivankit Gaharwar, Sonu Anand and Udit Saini, Vineet Ahuja.

Here are the synopses of the three plays:

  1. Khudkushi

A young woman, whose lover has committed suicide because they were not allowed by her uncle to marry, decides to commit suicide herself, looking to emulate laila-majnu, heer-ranjha and iconic romantic couples alike. In the middle of the night, the woman is surreally visited by Heer of the Heer-Ranjha fame, and they have a conversation. Will Heer’s account of her story post their love affair affect the woman’s suicide decision?

  1. Kamra No 9

Sheereen stays with her brother in a community building, where a new tenant has come to stay in Room No 9. Sheereen gets increasingly intrigued and attracted by this mysterious man, whose identity she’s been unable to figure. Sheereen is usually visited by a lot of suitors ready to propose marriage to her, but she has rejected all of them. One of the suitors, Nasir, who she finds relatively better than others, still pursues her, but Sheereen rejects him too in pursuit of the mysterious man. Will Sheereen find out the identity of the man in Room No. 9?

  1. Rooh ka Naatak

Three existences of the soul: Rational existence, Emotional Existence, and Eternal Existence, along with a big heart, are on stage. Emotional and Rational existences are in conversation with each other while also instructing the heart to beat their own different ways, while the Eternal existence is sleeping. They project to each other their ideas of love, romance, and marriage in a duel of one-upmanship. Who will prevail? Rational, Emotional or the Eternal? Or was this duel fruitless?

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