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Bagel shop

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Sometime in early 2006, Matan Schabracq and Anil Kably walked past a rundown bungalow on Pali Mala Road. Matan peeped into the garden area and wondered out aloud to Anil. Within a week they sealed the lease for what was to become the home of The Bagel Shop. Their idea was to start up a breakfast place that served up bagels and bagel sandwiches primarily. It’s been 10 years since that vision.

They got the Bagel Shop going and more than a business, they built a community; a multicultural cultural community that also welcomes our four-legged friends. The Bagel Shop today continues to play home and host to the much-quoted evolution of Bandra and its multi-cultural family.

The Bagel Shop is a small café that serves a wide selection of low-gluten-content bagels and a host of other café staples – coffee, shakes, pastas, salads and tea-time cakes. The first café in Mumbai that sold bagels and bagel sandwiches, like the famous chorizo bagel sandwich, with the sausage sourced straight from Anton in Goa Velha.

The Bagel Shop evolved naturally as a local hangout to a place that welcomed and continues to welcome a community of young, creative minds looking for a space that mirrors their convictions.

In its current avatar, The Bagel Shop welcomes Neale Murray, a Bandra legend and East Indian chef Lester Pereira as part of its core owner-driven team to take it into the next decade.

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