The Village Shop

Pali Village cafe breakfast option in bandra
Pali Village cafe Bandra

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Located in the shadow of a 400-year-old church in a sleepy bylane in Bandra, The Village Shop is an the unpretentious organic cafe that serves hearty, healthy, comfort food for your daily cravings and staples for your everyday kitchen needs.

With a focus on offering fresh, seasonal and sustainable food, we serve slow food fast. We use only organic produce, whole grain, unprocessed, unrefined grains, oils, flour and meats – sourcing from small organic farmers across India. Practically everything we use is made in- house. From the full-bodied tomato sauce to sourdough breads to vegan- and gluten-free cakes to raw soups to keto and paleo plates, we offer food that’s chemical and pesticide free, tasty and trusted. Helmed by Jennifer Mallick who gave Mumbai, its first taste of organic food, drop in to get your fill of sunshine, slow jazz and satisfying food.

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