10th Street Cafe: Trendy, well-lit… very New York

    10th Street Cafe
    (3 / 5)

    By Tara Bose Kapur

    Very, very New York in look and menu approach. Has recently opened where Café Mangii used to be, off Linking Rd.

    Walked in to check it out and loved the look. Decided to stay, despite finding that it serves vegetarian cuisine and eggs.

    Loved the vibe and ambience. New York black and white trendy, sharp look and well lit.

    The café got full while we were there and several diners sat outside. It has a full bar and serves craft beer from the Independence Brewing Company.

    Good friendly and fast service, where suggestions were made.

    Here’s what we had:

    Herb Sauteed Mushrooms – good

    • Fiesta Nachos – the big and only disappointment despite being the Chef’s recommendation – too much rajma, too much Indian spice, less cheese, nachos which had lost their crispness, expensive and a total waste – do not order!!!
    • Mandarin Goat Cheese Salad – very ok – not a patch on Smoke House Deli’s version
    • Crunchy Spaghetti olive oil and garlic with almond slivers – good
    • Penne Arrabiata – good
    • Scicilia Pizza – thin crust and loaded with toppings – good
    • Fig Caramel Pudding – outstanding
    • Almond Praline Cookie – served with ice cream – good

    We just had to try the blueberry pie beer. Which was fun and when I closed my eyes, it took me back to Prague and its fruit beers.

    We did see a strand of hair in the ice cream. We brought it to the server’s notice and he immediately brought us another plate with a larger scoop of icecream.

    Good music even if the loop is rather short so we heard some songs three times!

    I think the café holds lots of promise. I would go back there maybe for a snack or drink if not a (full)meal. We observed many people eating burgers and sandwiches and after eating the pasta, pizza and dessert. We are convinced about the kitchen capabilities.

    Enjoyed the happy buzz and came out more than satisfied!

    Location: 10th Street Cafe, Khar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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