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    Yoko Sizzlers
    Yoko Sizzlers
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    Somewhere along the 1980s and 90s, Kobe of Hughes Road (or Huge-is Road, as the cabbies call it) was the king of the sizzling plates. Yoko opened shop in the late 80s in Santa Cruz West and has never looked back. It expanded to outposts across the suburbs very rapidly. Like this one at Oshiwara, next to the cop station.

    So what’s the food like at Yoko? In non-veg, the Buffalo Beef or Chicken are good, and in veg, well, whatever you like. It’s all the same. Well done steak is what’s best at Yoko. The Shasliks are good if you digest your meals without rice.

    But if you are looking at Michelin star quality cuisine, then Yoko – at Oshiwara or even Santa Cruz – is not for you. Get there for the experience. And, yes, if you’ve had a heavy pre-meal and find a full sizzler too substantial for your tummy, go in for the mini meals. As we discovered, the Fish & Chips (Rs 595) is plated with onion. Now, the prude in us would dismiss it as not kosher, but heck this is the country where Mc Aloo Tikki is the highest selling burger, so what’s wrong with some kaanda with the Fish & Chips.

    Note: The wait can get endless on weekends as the minimum time a person spends on her/his table is around 50 minutes to an hour. It doesn’t take too long for a sizzler to get to your table… a max of 15 minutes. But the process of consuming it could take a minimum 30 minutes, and twice that if you can’t eat stuff that’s steaming (and sizzling) hot.

    Meal for two: Rs 1500. No alcohol is served

    About Yoko Sizzlers Oshiwara
    Sizzlers, mini-meals, salads, beverages and more make for the experience at Yoko Oshiwara

    Time: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM
    ( All Days Open )

    Location: Yoko Sizzlers, Next to Oshiwara Police Station, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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